Current global situation of Chagas disease.

Nisha Jain Garg


Trypanosoma cruzi has existed in humans for >9000 years 1. Parasite, vector and human disease were described by Carlos Chagas in 1909 2. Vectorial and congenital transmissions account for ~70% and 26% of new infections, respectively. The clinical course of Chagas Disease (CD) is generally presented with acute parasitemic phase, clinically asymptomatic indeterminate phase, and chronic phase when patients develop cardiac, colon, or neurological disorders. Heart failure is recognized as the major cause of death in CD patients. The global productivity gain by treating acute or chronic CD and preventing heart failure and death is estimated to be $8 billion US dollars in 2021-2030 3. Thus, just the economic benefits make a strong case for new investments in controlling this disease.

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